ESAB Launches New Line of B2 Filler Metals For Welding ASTM A335 Grade P11 Cr-Mo Alloyed Steels

May 16, 2022

With the introduction of its B2 SC electrodes and fluxes for SMAW, GTAW and SAW of creep resistant, 1.25% Cr, 0.5% Mo alloyed steels, SA-387 Grade 1, ASTM A335 Grade P11 and similar materials, ESAB Corporation now offers a completely modernised line of filler metal formulations for chrome-molybdenum weldments in the refinery, petrochemical, power generation and pressure vessel applications.

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ESAB Launches InduSuite: A Brand-Agnostic Workflow Software Portfolio Solution for Robotic, Welding, and Cutting Operations

May 5, 2022

ESAB Corporation (NYSE: ESAB) announced today the launch of InduSuite (, a brand-agnostic portfolio of software applications that revolutionizes workflow, quality, and business performance, to help fabricators and manufacturers improve operational efficiency.

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Myths and Facts of Seamed vs. Seamless Flux Cored Wires

By Neil Farrow, Global Product Manager – Cored Wires, ESAB | April 12, 2022

ESAB introduced gas-shielded flux cored wires in 1957 and we have more experience than anyone else in the world in developing and manufacturing electrodes. Flux cored wires come in seamed or seamless versions, and ESAB offers both. In recent years, some manufacturers of seamless wires have propagated myths about seamed vs. seamless wires. This article sets the record straight, then illustrates how ESAB seamed wires provide increased deposition rate of up to 20% and superior low temperature toughness when compared with some seamless types

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CUT SMARTER ! Digital solutions unlock the full potential of plasma automation systems

March 14, 2022

You can only apply so much cutting amperage to a metal plate before excess heat rounds the top edge of the cutting surface and otherwise degrades cut quality. After hitting the limits of cutting physics, the next frontier for boosting automated cutting productivity comes by harnessing the full power of two digital technologies: CAD/CAM programming/nesting software and cloud-based data management applications.

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ESAB Adds H4R Classification To OK 48.08 7018-G MMA Electrode For Demanding High Strength Weld Applications

February 8, 2022

ESAB has improved its OK 48.08 MMA electrode to a H4R classification — SFA/AWS A5.5 E7018-G H4R — to meet low hydrogen and moisture resistant requirements.

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