Coreweld 89

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A metal cored wire for high strength applications (>890 MPa) developed for use with argon / carbon dioxide shielding gas. Optimal mechanical and welding results are achieved with Ar/8%CO2 gas mixture. Excellent -40 degrees C toughness is acheived along with low diffusible hydrogen. The application area is anywhere where high strength steels are to be joined for example cranes, forestry machinery, load support and handling equipment.


Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties

as welded m20 shielding gas
as welded m21 shielding gas

Typical Tensile Properties

Condition As Welded As Welded
Shielding Gas M21 shielding gas M20 shielding gas
Tensile Strength 965 MPa (140 ksi) 993 MPa (144 ksi)
Yield Strength 910 MPa (132 ksi) 931 MPa (135 ksi)
Elongation 18 % 19.4 %

Deposition Data

Current 100-360 A
Deposition Rate 2.9-17. lb/h
Deposition Rate 1.3-8.0 kg/h
Diameter 0.045 in.
Diameter 1.2 mm
Voltage 16-32 V
Wire Feed Speed 71-512 in./min
Wire Feed Speed 1.8-13.0 m/min


Weld Metal SFA/AWS A5.28 : E120C-G H4
EN ISO 18276-A : T 89 4 Z M M21 3 H5


Grade EN 13479
Society CE
Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Consumable Characteristics

Alloy Type C Mn, low alloy steel (Ni-Cr-Mo)
Diffusible Hydrogen < 4 ml/100g
Shielding Gas M20, M21 (EN ISO 14175)
Welding Current DC+

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
C Cr Cu Mn Mo Nb Ni P S Si V
M20 shielding gas
0.105 % 0.58 % 0.01 % 1.32 % 0.71 % 0.01 % 2.49 % 0.008 % 0.010 % 0.53 % 0.01 %

Part Numbers and Accessories

Part Numbers : Coreweld 89
35JM12773V Find a distributor