Smartphone Applications

ESAB's smartphone applications are simple to download and use without ever leaving the work site. ESAB encourages the download of a QR scanner as well. Android or iPhone? It doesn't matter. ESAB has options for you.

EXATON Welding Guide

A handy resource for welders, the EXATON Welding app makes useful information available at your fingertips. The app includes a welding grade selection guide, shielding gas assistance, ferrite diagram, and heat-input calculators. You will be able to evaluate weldability and find tips and tricks for your weld planning in the welding guide. Also included are the details of the entire EXATON portfolio of filler metal products - all on your mobile phone!

Recommended QR Code Reader

Don't have a QR code scanner? Visit the app store on your smartphone and search for "QR code" in the "free apps" section to download a scanner.