smart voltage height control

ESAB continues to advance integrated plasma and CNC cutting technology with Smart Voltage Height Control. By integrating height control functions, the plasma system and the CNC, ESAB delivers the most automated system for maintaining plasma torch cutting height.

Traditional Arc Voltage Control

Standard Voltage Control All plasma cutting results in electrode wear. Traditional voltage control simply maintains the same arc voltage by driving the torch lower toward the plate as the electrode wears. This keeps the arc the same length but puts the nozzle closer to the plate, changing edge quality and cut angle. Eventually the torch gets so close it starts to crash into the plate. Some operators manually increase the voltage to get more life out of the electrode, but most simply change the consumables.

A Better Solution

Smart Voltage Height Control With Smart Voltage Height Control, the Vision T5 CNC's built-in process database sets the optimum cutting height and automatically adjusts the arc voltage over the life of an electrode in order to maintain consistent cutting height. No operator intervention is required.

Edge quality and cut angle are most influenced by nozzle to plate distance, so keeping torch standoff constant improves part quality and consistency. This also eliminates premature consumable changes, so each electrode is used for the maximum life possible.

Smart Voltage Height Control provides:

  • Improved cut quality by automatically correcting the arc voltage as the electrode wears so cutting height remains constant, even as the arc gets longer.  Cut quality is ensured because the correct cutting height is maintained.
  • Maximum consumable life as a result of fewer consumable changes because the torch stays at the correct height. The electrode can fully wear without the torch cutting closer and closer to the plate. Fewer crashes means fewer damaged nozzles.
  • Lower operating cost is the benefit of better cut quality and consistency in all cut parts. Overall cost per part is reduced by maximizing consumable life and reducing production interruptions.
  • Higher productivity is achieved by reducing interruptions and automating arc voltage corrections. Fewer consumable changes and more consistent cut quality mean more parts cut per shift.

The Benefits of Integration

Smart Voltage Height Control is an important part of ESAB's Smart Cycle integrated plasma cutting system, a complete system technology exclusive to ESAB. As the technology leader in machine and process automation and the only total system supplier, ESAB is uniquely qualified to integrate the entire plasma cutting process.

Learn more. Download the Smart Voltage Height Control Brochure.