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WeldCloud™ is a secure, robust and scalable welding data management platform providing insights to facilitate continuous improvement in welding operations by efficiently tracking key parameters for each weld seam produced.



  • Near-real-time data transfer occurs with wireless or wired transmission, capturing welding and system condition data concurrently from multiple systems
  • Data is stored securely in one comprehensive database, located within a user's firewalls
  • Uses open-source messaging, MQTT protocol and the latest machine-to-machine (M2M) applications for a reliable, "future proof" platform
  • Data can be shared and analyzed across multiple data collection sites from any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the same internal network as the welding systems and database
  • Bi-directional communication (WeldCloud 2.0) to pull in procedures and schedules, verify operator qualifications, consumables usage and confirm machine setup
  • Optimal security from all angles: data storage, access, user control and remote diagnostics
  • Benefits a range of stakeholders: operations managers, service technicians, welding engineers, quality control staff, training supervisors, and others
  • Quick and easy installation: deploy software package to laptop or server, configure network on communications module. The welding system will automatically link to the WeldCloud platform


  • Automotive
  • Civil Construction
  • Offshore Oil
  • Power Generation
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Ship/Barge Building
  • Nuclear
  • Pipe Mills

Extra Info

WeldCloud 2.1
Two-way communication between welding machines and WeldCloud, providing the process transparency and product traceability necessary to drive continuous productivity and quality improvements. The bi-directional communication will enable the user to pull in procedures and schedules, user lists including operator qualifications and confirm machine setup.  More than a data recording system, WeldCloud integrates with other systems, enabling customers to analyze the weld data with the analytics tool of their own choice.

New features

  • SAW Multi Wire & ICE™, including real time production monitoring for heat input, metal deposition and wire usage
  • Welding Passport, generation complete traceability documentation with all weld
  • Integrated back-end support for Business Intelligence (BI) suites like QlikView®, MS Power BI, Tableau® and more


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