WeldCloudAn online management system that connects welding power supplies to a software platform that manages data to be analyzed for maximum productivity.


Every time a welder completes a pass, a trove of data is infused in the weld. That data has the power to inform future decisions, improve productivity, and provide you with the information necessary to understand how the weld was made. And WeldCloudTM can give you that power.
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WeldCloud by ESAB | Find strength in numbers



As the only productivity tracking platform using 3G combined with WI-FI and Ethernet, WeldCloud can plug into practically any in-house software system, alleviating irritating firewall and connectivity issues. Plus, WeldCloud is a secure, locked-down system that ensures your data is totally confidential. And that's only the beginning. WeldCloud offers:

  • Traceability. The platform can trace back to welds that have already been created and provided the details on how and when they were created.
  • Two-way communications. The platform can actually push settings to machines, such as a new weld parameter combo, while the machines can send data back to the platform.
  • Easy set up. Be up and running with WeldCloud in a couple of hours and trained in just a few days.
  • Alert management. WeldCloud automatically pushes out alerts when machines have issues, as needed and scheduled by the user.
  • Simple integration. Already own ESAB equipment? WeldCloud has solutions that can work with existing machines and get you up and running - quickly.
  • User-friendly interface. WeldCloud's responsive design makes using the platform easy from wherever you are, whether that's at home on a desktop, at work on a laptop, or on the move on mobile or tablet devices.
  • 100% scalable. Put WeldCloud to the test by adding it on one or two machines and adding it onto others over time. You'll also benefit from new features and functionality that are constantly being developed and updated on the platform.


Not only does WeldCloud make otherwise-impossible productivity improvements possible, it gives everyone involved in your operation the chance to elevate their performance with data.

Operations Managers.Operations Managers.

The people in this department are constantly looking for opportunities to increase productivity while maintaining a high-quality output. WeldCloud makes that possible by equipping them with data to find new productivity drivers.

Quality Assurance Engineers.Quality Assurance Engineers.

In their position, traceability is paramount, and there'll come a time that they'll need to troubleshoot why a weld seam broke. WeldCloud provides all the data necessary to trace a weld and determine what needs to be done to repair the problem and prevent future issues.

Service and Maintenance Technicians.Service and Maintenance Technicians.

Service and maintenance workers need to know where all the machines in their fleet are and what they're doing. If one breaks or has any hiccups, WeldCloud alerts technicians immediately, so they can provide a quick and accurate diagnosis and communicate efficiently with ESAB service experts.

Welding Engineers.Welding Engineers.

Welders' main focus is to determine the best possible welding process for a given application and test it. Quite a bit of data is required to make that initial decision, then it has to be tested on one machine. Once proven, WeldCloud can send the process to the cloud and - when it's ready - push it out to all the machines in the shop, saving a tremendous amount
of time.


ESAB's technicians can have WeldCloud installed on one or all of your machines in a couple of hours and your staff trained in only days. Take the first step with WeldCloud and complete the form below. An ESAB representative will be in contact with you soon to talk details.